Why A Marketing Automation Foundation Can Impact Your Business

Automation Foundation. Now, what do I mean by that? Look, if you try to do every action that you need for sales and marketing in a digital space, you will literally go out of your mind. So there are three main areas that we’re going to teach you in Automation Foundations that will dramatically change the way that you’re doing business. Those three things are actually lead communication, lead scoring, and lead intelligence. Now, let me explain.

Lead communication means when somebody fills out a form or takes an action on your website that you can literally send them emails or social postings over an amount of time. An example, Email 1 might go out immediately when they download the offer. Email 2 might go out in three days. Email 3 might go out five days after that. If you try to keep track of that as a salesperson or a marketer, trust me, you would drop the ball.

The second thing is lead scoring. Having a machine that can pay attention to the actions that people are taking inside of your marketing, like clicking on a call to action, downloading an e-book, or looking at your pricing page, and being able to give them a 1, 2, 5, 10 points for each of those actions. Now, why would you want to do that? You see, you’ve got this thing called a sales and marketing funnel. If you don’t score your leads, how do you know where they are? How do you know if they’re engaged with your brand or not?

Now, the third thing is lead intelligence. Being able to go into an automated system that not only looks like Google Analytics that tells you, you had 50 people visit this week, but ties names to those numbers and then shows you that Rick Johnson actually looked at your pricing page, the Contact Us page, and went and downloaded an e-book. You see, all of those things can be handled automatically or, like I like to say, auto-magically if you take the WP Inbound Machine course. So hop in and get started.