Keep Your Team Productive & On The Same Page

At this point, you should have watched all of the videos in the training section. Or did you skip around? Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody. But if you watched all the videos, you can see that there’s a lot going on. So how do you stay streamlined? How do you make sure that you’re saving time and getting things done in a manner that they need to be done?

Well, in this last training at WP Inbound Machine, we’re going to show you how to build an entire project management system right inside of WordPress. There’s no need to go out to a third party project management system when you can do it right in your portal. Like everything else, we’ve tried to create your WP or your WordPress admin area as an all-in-one solution.

So in this case, you’ll be able to go to your project management system area and give tasks for, “Get that social post done. Install that plugin. Add this new blog article.” Whatever it is, your whole team will be on the same page thanks to the training at WP Inbound Machine.