Leverage Lead Intelligence In Your Marketing & Sales Process

Lead Intelligence and Lists, it’s super powerful. Now, we talked a little bit about segmented lists in a previous video about it’s having the right conversation with the right person at the right time. Segmented lists allow you to do that. We’re going to show you here at WP Inbound Machine, how to have segmented lists right inside of your WordPress portal. But now, the truly powerful part about this training is lead intelligence.

Look, I love, love video equipment, mics, cameras, tripods. If you sold video equipment, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what George B. Thomas was looking at? If I was always looking at the Canon XA10, why would you have another conversation about another camera with me? You wouldn’t. Because you’d see that I had always read blog articles about that Canon. I had downloaded the buyer’s guide for that Canon. I had even watched 12 tutorial videos on how to use that Canon camcorder. So you know as a salesperson, “This is what he is hot on. Let’s just finish up and not mess this up and close the deal.”

Look, lead intelligence segmented lists, they’re going to be the driving power between your sales and marketing teams as long as they know how to use them. To do that, they just have to watch the training course here at WP Inbound Machine.