The Importance Of Inbound Building Blocks

Inbound Building Blocks, like Legos, they’re fun but highly important to get them to fit together. Now, we’re going to talk about three major inbound building blocks in the training that you’re about to take.

The first one is the inbound methodology, and what this is, is it’s your game plan, the rules that you need to follow, and what you’re trying to get your anonymous visitors to go through. Here it is, attract, convert close, and delight. Inside the training, we’re actually going to teach you the tools or the plugins that you need to put inside of your WordPress admin area that allow you to do these things. It’s giving those anonymous visitors to become leads, and leads into customers, and then customers into promoters of your business and brand.

The second building block we’re going to talk about is buyer personas because we need to have the right conversation with the right people at the right time. It just makes sense. How do you do that? By segmenting your lists and you might be wondering, what do you mean segmenting your list? You will learn more about that in the training.

But we need to be able to have folks like dairy farmers in Nebraska who like purple shoes, we want to have the right conversation with them. Or mechanics from Wisconsin who actually like to play hockey, we want to be able to have the right conversation with them as well. So we’ve got to focus on buyer personas. We’re going to show you how to build them and how to implement them inside of your inbound marketing.

Last but not least, but still very important, is the buyer’s journey. This is what we do as buyers every day, we go through an awareness, consideration, and decision phase. Really what it is, is the why, the what, and the who of the buying process. So if you want to learn more, go ahead and dive into this training course or watch some of our other tutorials that show you exactly what we’re going to teach you here at WP Inbound Machine.