The Why Behind WP Inbound Machine

Robby The RobotMany small to medium sized businesses and startups simply cannot afford marketing automation software like HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot. Yet they want to get into this content & inbound marketing race before it is too late.

What are they to do?

Trying to piece together a marketing & sales Frankensystem together can be difficult. Many times it leaves you with questions like:

  • What plugins work with each other?
  • What plugins are easy to use?
  • What can I add that will make my life easier not more difficult?

You don’t want your small to medium size company’s marketing efforts to be spinning in the mud and eventually get stuck.

That’s why we created the Wp Inbound Machine training just for you: the small to medium sized business or startup owner or employee.

Sit back and let us show you what plugins and 3rd party apps to install and what buttons to press to transform your ordinary WordPress website into an extraordinary WP Inbound Marketing Machine.

WP Inbound Machine Training Material

You might be wondering what we will be covering in this Training. How deep does the education go? This training takes everything we have learned in the past 15 years about WordPress, Inbound Marketing, Project Management, and Content Creation; and merges it into one simple to use WordPress system.

We cover items like:

  • Inbound Building Blocks
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Conversion
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Analytics

To see everything the training covers, watch our training promo videos.

Training Structure For WP Inbound Machine

The WP Inbound machine training lasts twelve weeks. During the twelve weeks, you will receive a list of the needed WordPress plugins, 3rd party tools, & twelve 45-minute training sessions where we walk you through the tool, tactic, and strategy behind the tool. At the end of every 45-minute training, we will have a 15-minute open Q&A.

Each weeks training page is supplied with additional videos, reading, and resources specific to that week’s topic. In addition to all of that, you get email access to our trainers for all of those late nights or early morning questions that often arise.

Every training & Q&A session will be converted into video resources for you to rewatch as needed.

We’re not only helping you build an Inbound Machine, we are also teaching you the strategy & best practices along the way.