Can’t Afford Marketing Automation Software That Costs Over $1,000.00 a Month or More?

Here at WP Inbound Machine, we have created the ultimate educational course for WordPress users wanting to use the tools of expensive marketing automation without blowing their budget.

this is a story about sadsville. a sad place where marketing automation, education and training don’t exist together. the marketing automation landscape is just to crowded, confusing, expensive and overwhelming. and our marketing experts, ronald and rhonda are stuck in sadsville. Luckily, robbie robot overheard what they were saying ...
you are entering ...
where marketing automation is not possible for the common folk - like you and me.
“This is so confusing. Look at all of those! and none of ‘em even fit into our budget!”
“robbie robot, save us!!”
Robbie and Rhonda
as the fog clears ... robbie has an idea!
Robbie Robbie
of course! robbie develops an affordable solution that educates, trains and empowers all marketers ...
my new friends will heart me!
create marketing automation learning platform that is easy to use and budget friendly and can change wordpress portal into mighty inbound machine!
wp2inbound machine?
it’s name, “wp2inbound machine!”
and here’s what you will learn and how you and your business will benefit from becoming a wp2inbound machine!

Inbound Fundamentals

Learn about the Inbound Methodology, The Buyers Journey & how to create effective Buyer Persona's.

Marketing Automation

Learn how to automate tasks and market through multiple online channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how to create specific content for the search engines and your unique searchers.

Lead Conversion

Learn how to convert your leads by mastering the conversation and adding relevant value.

Lead Nurturing

Learn what your audience needs and how to give it to them when they need it.

Lead Intelligence

Learn what your visitors are doing on your site.

Analytics, Reporting & Social Media

Learn how to use lead data to make smart and informed decisions moving forward.

Editorial Calendar

Learn how to build and utilize your calendar.


Learn how to keep your team on the same page.

Tools Needed: 12 Free & Paid

14 Weeks of Training: $1,997.00

Total Cost: $Priceless

arrow arrow
robbie knows that he’s created something very special - and really can’t quite contain his excitement. have you ever witnessed a robot cartwheel before?
Robbie quote happy robots
yesss! it does compute. to empower all my friends through education and training. all robbie systems go!
his friends are impressed with this new marketing platform!
Wow Wow
robbie’s friend ronald dives right in. learning andhustling day and night, he continues to find that wp2inbound machine does everything other marketing automation solutions do ... and more. ronald can now teach and delight his leads & customers!
“there’s so much here ... what a great marketing solution!”
“... and much less expensive than the other inbound platforms!”
“... and you also get: 12 marketing automation lessons a library of training videos private facebook group access to a trainer ... and moorree!”
“now my wordpress site is a marketing automation machine! ready to take my business to the next level!”
... and he’s ready to take on the marketing world! he can’t wait to share his new knowledge with everyone!
“all of that training and hustling has payed off. i am an inbound superhero machine ... ”
Inbound Super Hero
as they hear the news of wp2inbound machine. his peers, friends and employees cheer him on. ronald is becoming a superhero ...
“yeah! you saved all of our leads and customers!”
“ronald, remember me when you are famous!”
“wp2inbound machine!”
“way to hustle, mr. ronald!”
“robbie the robot - marry me!”
“good bye sadsville!”
ronald became a wp2inbound machine. he also became a hero to his girlfriend rhonda. wp2inbound machine educated ronald and allowed him to see marketing automation in a new and brighter way. now he is able to delight all of his clients - big and small. and that, my friends, is how you too - can change your sadsville into a gladsville. what are you waiting for?

welcome to ...

Welcome to Gladsville
“it’s time for you to sign up!”
“if i can turn my sadsville into a gladsville ... so can you!”
“ohhhh ronald. you’re my hero!”
robbie ready for more cartwheels!
Gladsville Couple Gladsville Robbie Gladsville Quote Block